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ParisWHO will officially be held on November 16-18

Registrations are now closed.


The Paris World Health Organization Simulation (ParisWHO) is a 3-day student-led conference hosted in beautiful Paris, France by members of the Secretariat & EHESP. As the hub of all public health networks, this annual event will be the third of its kind in Paris and will follow the configuration of a traditional World Health Organization simulation.

With the idea to gather students & young professionals from all over the world with various academic and professional disciplines, ParisWHO aims to introduce and educate students with the realistic roles of a WHO World Health Assembly meeting. This event will provide participants with an opportunity that goes beyond classroom teachings or literature based research projects in global health policy. ParisWHO simulation fills a gap in our public health education, while also serving as a call to health professionals and students from other fields to become proactive in global health policy

A simulation of a WHO World Health Assembly meeting aims to:   

  • Mimic the political, social, cultural and economic realities defining global health policy
  • Target (but not limited to) future health Gavelprofessionals; open to students from a plethora of diverse programs
  • Encourage interprofessional education
  • Prepare delegates to take on the role of a country, important individual, reporter, company or NGO representative

In which they will..

    • Debate, discuss, and write up a legislation (known as a “resolution”) while staying true to their role
    •  Forward voted resolutions, collected by IFMSA and sent to the WHO headquarters for consideration 

Additional Benefits for MSME How will you BENEFIT ? 

  • Gain a fresh perspective on global health issues through the lens of each country discussed at the conference
  • Reveal economic, social, cultural, and political context surrounding global health issues
    • Learn to read and write global health policies and develop leadership, public speaking and organizational skills
  • Grasp crucial skills essential to global health diplomacy:
    • i.e. country fact based knowledge, knowing one’s allies and ‘enemies’, body language, good interpersonal skills, etc..
  • Opportunity to hear from individuals at the forefront of global health policy via speakers and workshops at the conference
  • Produce a resolution by the end of the conference
    • Documents collected by IFMSA and sent to WHO for consideration